धातुः ओज्

In the sixth श्लोक of first chapter in गीता there is the word उत्तमौजाः

This is a compound word to be deciphered as उत्तमं ओजः यस्य सः (बहुव्रीहिः)

ओजः is detailed in Apte’s dictionary on Page 319 as –

ओजस् neuter noun

  1. Bodily strength, vigour, energy, ability

  2. Vitality

  3. Virility, the generative faculty

  4. Splendour, light

  5. (In Rhet.) An elaborate form of style, abundance of compounds (considered by Dandin to be the ‘soul of prose’) ओजः समासभूयस्त्वमेतद्गद्यस्य जीवितम् (काव्यादर्शे 1-80, see काव्यप्रकाश 8 also, said to be of 5 kinds in रसगंगाधर)

  6. (In Astronomy) Each alternate sign of the zodiac (as the first, third &c.)

  7. Water

  8. Metallic lustre

  9. Manifestation, appearance

  10. Skill in the use of weapons

The word ओजः is obviously from धातुः ओज् which is detailed in the dictionary, right above the word ओजस्

(अ) आपटे-महाभागस्य शब्दकोशे –

ओज् – 1, 10 उ. (ओजति, ओजयति, ओजयितुम्, ओजित)

  1. To be strong or able

  2. To increase, grow

(आ) धातुपाठसूच्याम् –

Not listed here

(इ) बृहद्धातुरूपावल्याम् –

(१) तत्र धातुकोशे –

Not listed here

(२) धातुरूपावल्याम् –

Not detailed, since Not listed.

(ई) लकारेषु – Not detailed at http://tdil-dc.in/san/skt_gen/generators.html#

(उ) कृदन्ताः – Not detailed at http://tdil-dc.in/san/skt_gen/generators.html#



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