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This blog is a study of Geetaa by taking the verbal roots धातु-s as point of reference. The logic for such study is multifold.

(1) Most words in Sanskrit are derived from some verbal root. So, study of one verbal root and linking there the words therefrom may become a compact dictionary.

(2) In my other blog http://study1geetaa2sanskrit.wordpress.com I am doing study of Geetaa word by word, phrase by phrase and sentence by sentence. In this study, the details of the verbal root would get repeated. This blog will avoid that repetition.

(3) This blog will present an interesting study of a large number of words deriving from the same verbal root. Each word then appear as a fashion parade of words ! When derived from same verbal root, a different word is a different attire on the same body. Or a different word is like a new leaf or a new bud or a new flower or a new fruit on a tree which has sprung from one common seed.

(4) English grammarians have given for धातु the English term as ‘verbal root’. Possibly ‘seed’ is more appropriate term. One the tree has grown, the seed is no more visible. That is what happens of the धातु when words get derived from it.

(5) A student of Sanskrit may not find many words in the Dictionaries, simply because most of them are derived words. To find the meaning of words, one would often require to know the ‘seed’. This study would prove a great help to a student, I mean, a person with a studious mind.


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  1. Thank you very much for this effort! This was exactly what a friend of mine and I were trying to figure out!

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